Photo Gallery


At present, our collection of photos of local wildlife species is hosted on the LNHG Facebook Group and can be accessed using the links below.  The photo gallery has not been updated since 2015, so a process is now being undertaken to move all the photos to the LNHG Page. This has been necessary as previously all photo images were held on the LNHG Facebook Group Gallery. Over the last four years since it was founded this has become unmanageable due to the large numbers of images posted by our members. To overcome this problem they are now being moved to the LNHG Page which is being used for general information and will not suffer the same problems.

All the new images that were uploaded to the Facebook Group will be sorted and where suitable added to the new photo gallery. Problems occur where information is missing ie date and location. Apart from species and date, the location is the most important as the record cannot then be included in the biological data recording database. So I plead with all contributors, PLEASE, PLEASE include all information because, without this detail, your sighting will be unusable, and that would be a terrible shame !!