Talks 2017



Monthly Meetings – 19:30 hrs to 21:30 hrs

Held at Seil Island Hall,  Ellenabeich,  Isle of Seil, except where stated.

Tuesday 17th  Jan
‘Geo-engineering Climate Change: do two wrongs make a right?’ with Prof. Nick Owens, Director of SAMS
Tuesday 14th Feb‘Geology of Lismore: how its limestone affects the island’s nature and agriculture’ with Robert Hay, author of “Lismore, the Great Garden”.  At Waterstone’s, Oban.
Tuesday 14th Mar – ‘Pine Marten, polecat, wildcat: the changing fortunes of three charismatic characters’ with Dr Tony Mitchell-Jones, Chair of SWT Argyll & Lochaber Group

Tuesday 11th Apr – ‘Marine mammals in high-energy environments: risks and rewards’ with Dr Steven Benjamins, SAMS

Tuesday 9th May – ‘The Moorland Forum’ – with Dr Chris Wernham, Director BTO (Scotland)

Tuesday 13th Jun – Mountains & Islands: how the National Trust for Scotland manages for wildlife’  with Dr James Fenton, Trustee, NTS

Tuesday 11th Jul – ‘Bird Ringing: pleasure and science’ with Rob Lightfoot

Tuesday 8th Aug – ‘Mountain Flowers in the British Isles: from Scilly to Shetland’ with Michael Scott, botanist and author.  At Waterstone’s, Oban.

Tuesday 12th Sep – ‘Bracken: management and control’ with Simon Thorp, Director, the Heather Trust and the Moorland Forum

Tuesday 10th Oct – ‘Nature Photography Underwater: Bringing nature underwater to an above water
audience’ with Trevor Davies, diver

Tuesday 14th Nov – ‘Going to work on an island: from Antarctica to the Arctic’ with Jane Smith, film-maker, BBCNHU and National Geographic

Tuesday 12th Dec – ‘The Wildlife of Ecuador: Galapagos, Quito, Paramo and Amazon Basin’ with Rob Lightfoot

Some titles are a guide and may be changed nearer the date.  Please check back for any updates before attending a talk.

Refreshments and informal discussion on conclusion of the talks.

Admission is free to LNHG members and £2 to non-members (payable at door). Annual Membership fee: £10 for calendar year.

Contact Stephen Arnold on for further information.

LNHG also runs several training days each year which are free to LNHG members.