Established in 2007 as the Seil Natural History Group, the LNHG adopted its present name in 2013 to reflect the geographical spread of its activities.   

Benefits of membership include:

  • Programme of monthly walks
  • Monthly recording field trips
  • Regular evening talks
  • Other special events including boat trips and fungus forays
  • Local wildlife online discussion forum
  • Identification service
  • Input into locations of field trips – we are happy to visit your local patch!
  • Advice on photography, use of GPS, recording software, etc.
  • Moth trap available – we will set it up in your garden overnight and identify the moths
  • A simple way to get your sightings onto the National Biodiversity Network and the various recording schemes such as Butterfly Conservation, British Dragonfly Society, etc.
  • You will be helping to conserve the wildlife of this beautiful area

All these benefits are FREE to members apart from the cost of occasional special events such as boat trips.

Membership is just £10 per annum. If you would like to join, please get in touch with us via our contact form.


Our aim is to enjoy, study, conserve and promote awareness of natural history on the Isle of Seil and the surrounding area of Lorn & Argyll. We organise field  trips in all parts of Lorn, and invite local and national speakers on subjects of natural history to our monthly meetings on Seil. We co-operate with conservation organisations to preserve and maintain Lorn’s biodiversity, undertaking wildlife projects and building up a knowledge base of species distribution.

We believe that by understanding the local ecology we can help promote awareness and protect the natural world we have to enjoy on our doorstep. Our logo is of the rare Marsh Fritillary (Eurodryas aurinia) butterfly, a UK Biodiversity Action Plan species which is in severe decline, except here in Argyll. It’s food plant is the Devil’s Bit Scabious which is abundant here in Lorn.