LNHG Monthly Talk – Tuesday 12th January 2016


‘Introducing Astronomy’ with Eamonn Keyes.

The talk will be a general introduction to Astronomy, and will cover how Astronomy has been one of the most important features of human development since prehistory.

Eamonn will try to cover the wonders of the sky from aurorae to eclipses, talk about how to start in Astronomy, what equipment to buy, and just what is visible in the sky at the moment.  He will also have his telescope along, so if we’re lucky enough to get a clear night we might be able to have a little observing session after the talk !

Before coming to Scotland 6 years ago, Eamonn was vice-chair of NIAAS, the Northern Ireland Amateur Astronomy Society.

The talk starts at 19.30 hrs at the Seil Island Hall, Ellenabeich, Seil.

And is free to members, £2 for non-members.

Coffee, tea and biscuits after the talk.

For further information, please contact:-

Richard Wesley on T: 01852 300388  or  E: snhguk@gmail.com