Studying the Garvellachs – Thurs 8th October 2015


“Studying the Garvellachs – Why are these rocks world-famous?”

A display & talk by Tony Spencer, at the Atlantic Islands Centre.

Display from 6.00pm; Talk 7.45pm.

Bar and refreshments available from 6.15pm-10:30pm.

Tony has been working for several summers on the Garvellachs. Those on passing boats may have seen a lone figure and wondered what he was up to!
We associate the islands with St. Brendan and St. Columba, yet the Boulder Beds of the Garvellachs are at the centre of what makes the islands internationally famous.
Scientists have studied the rocks since 1819. These rocks tell a tale of an Ice Age far more severe than the last Ice Age, so severe it has been given the name ‘Snowball Earth’.
Tony Spencer, a retired geologist, has now devoted four field seasons to develop more understanding of these rocks and the story they have to tell.
West coast of Garbh Eileach

Tony will describe and explain his work, with lots of photographs and maps.
All part of the Geology of Scotland, the foundation of this wonderful country! | 01852 314 096 | PA34 4TX |

The vehicular ferry stops at 6:00 pm so members of the trust have agreed to collect LNHG members & others at 6:00 pm (the last vehicle ferry) or the 7.30 pm passenger ferry from North Cuan, and return them to the 10 pm ferry afterwards. I will happily arrange this if you are certain you wish to attend the talk.  For further information please contact:-

Richard Wesley on T: 01852 300388  or  E: